Get ready to fall in love with  a stunning new dystopian series that will take you from the depths of an underground city to  a  surface world scarred by war and ravaged by solar winds. Join Kimber on a dangerous journey through the wasteland of post World War III America in search for the evidence of inhumane genetic experimentation that could free her people from a life of lies and servitude. 

KIMBER is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you begging for books II, III, and the Elyrian prequels!

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Twenty years ago, a solar storm ravaged the Earth's ozone layer. Of the 11 billion people on the planet, only 200 managed to seek refuge from the radiation by disappearing underground. With the bonds of oxygen obliterated, the damage to the ozone is irreversible. Every living thing exposed wilts and dies, leading to global extinction. 


The year is now 2209, and what is left of humanity is trying to rebuild in Inanna, a subterranean city named after the ancient goddess of fertility and war. The designers of Inanna had known the human body would be too fragile to ever compete with the piercing gamma rays on the surface, and were secretly contracted by the American government to preserve life at ANY cost.

So began the sanctioned grafting of human DNA with the genomes of Earth’s most radiation-resistant animal species. The lines of morality are blurred in a chaotic race against time. A race to build an Ark for the salvation of life itself.


Kimber is one of 23. She, her brothers, and her sisters are the first of their kind, a brand new subspecies of humans called Auroras. Named for the colorful magnetic phenomenon of the heavens, the Auroreans come of age in a city where they are forced to answer a life-changing question: Are they Inannian citizens or are they slaves? 

Join Kimber as she navigates an apocalyptic world in search for answers, truth, and ultimately, for the evidence of inhumane genetic testing that may break the yoke of bondage.

 I have had the honor to be one of the first to read [Kimber]... it is SO GOOD!! And it this series is seriously starting to get EPIC. If you love book series like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or Mortal Engines, you will love this book! 

Hannah Cerney-Brooks


KIMBER is a thought provoking read that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Strong scientific and religious undertones swirl together to bring us on a journey of discovery and possibilities. The book looks at the life of a special race of enhanced humans that will become like family and will have you cheering them on until the very end!

Christine Chavez



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