Welcome! First of all, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who is visiting my page and checking out the brand new series 'The Chronicles of Elyria.' I have not always been a writer, and have taken an interesting, and sometimes downright crazy, path to get here! 

When I was 17, I enlisted in the United States Army out of Detroit, Michigan. My passion was rotary-wing aviation and I worked as a helicopter mechanic while I pursued my degree in Aeronautics. I was blessed to receive a flight scholarship, and became a private & commercial helicopter pilot before graduating from the University of North Dakota. I commissioned as an active duty Army officer in the spring of 2012, and was sent from the great tundra of the north, to the white sand beaches of the south.


This is where my story takes its first big turn. While transitioning to flying the uniquely large helicopters of the military, I incurred irreversible damage to my spine. Fractures were diagnosed in my lower back, and it was clear I would never fly again.


Being a person who is incredibly passionate about... well EVERYTHING... I decided to throw myself into my others interests. I may also have a little bit of a stubborn streak, and the very first thing I did was to backpack the Appalachian Trail. For 5 months, my husky, Colefax, and I hiked from the state of Maine to the state of Tennessee. Immediately afterwards, I got certified as a personal trainer (with an emphasis on rehabilitative exercise) so I could safely coach others working through injuries like mine, while I started to train for triathlons. Real estate has also always been an interest, and before too long I sought out my certification as a realtor in Colorado and then a license as a home inspector in the state of New York.

My best friend and better half is still an active duty helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army, and that means every couple of years, the military moves us across the country to a new duty station. I would have it no other way. I love moving around our amazing nation and I am proud to support our heroes in uniform!

Moving so much really does demand a high degree of flexibility though, even beyond that of being a realtor/ home inspector. And THAT brings us to my next escapade. Fully acknowledging that my better half must ALSO be a little crazy for letting me do this... I picked out a three story, 130 year old, COMPLETELY distressed farmhouse to remodel. Talk about a larger than life project! First, I gutted the home. The total amount of debris I ripped out WEIGHED OVER 20,000 lbs! My next challenges were to redesign and then rebuild the home. 

Building the house up from its bare bones was a task that involved more sweat, blood, and creativity than I can possible describe. The end product is a modern day farmhouse so beautiful that I still can't believe it is real. If you like HGTV at all, check out the link below to my video to see the (insane) 18 month process!




And all that, my friends, brought me to where I am today! I have always dreamed of becoming a published author, and have been carrying Kimber's specific storyline with me ever since my many months of backpacking the Appalachian Mountains. I was just waiting for the day when I would have the necessary time and creative space to do the story justice. I did not expect the story to take on such a life of its own though, and am SO EXCITED to reveal that I have started working on book II in The Elyrian Chronicles series; 'Cheyenne.' Additionally, I have skeletons not only laid out for the third book, but for a series of pre-flare prequel novels too!


I hope with all my heart that you enjoy The Elyrian Chronicles. Thank you for the love and support and I will keep working hard to make you proud!


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